Why choose our travel insurance ?

Highly customized

The rate and the coverages are adjusted thanks to the geolocation to guarantee you optimal coverage regardless of your destination. It is the assurance of always being well covered and no need to choose between rates and the coverages.

Simple, flexible and transparent

It only takes 2 minutes to subscribe, whether you’re at home or on a trip. It is a noncommittal insurance, you can stop or extend it according to your desires and your trip. No more insurance gibberish, we explain everything to you without taboos!

A caring community

Globe-trotters above all, we have created a community of travelers, where mutual help is the key word. Looking for tips, experience or local contacts on site? The community helps you throughout your trip

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What we bring extra :

Our partners

One of the world's leading insurance companies

A worldwide support network for 35 years

An expert in secure online payment

We have selected our partners for their financial solidity and their respective expertise to build our neo insurance which has only one objective... Reinventing travel insurance with a human-centered service.

And you, what kind of traveler are you?


When you're planning your trip:

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