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The dedicated expatriate line :

(+33) 04 28 29 38 09

Insurance for expatriates

Whatever your needs, expatriate insurance, expatriate health insurance, expatriate repatriation insurance or expatriate health insurance, health costs are higher than in France and an adapted coverage is necessary.

We have selected for you two programs that meet the health coverage needs of expatriates

Pay as you go

from 37€

Per month


from 30 days to 12 month

Medical expense : 900 K€

Refund start 1st €

Global Fusion


Per month


from 12 month

Medical expense: 3,35M€

Refund start 1st €

In partnership with :

Your expatriate health insurance

Contact us and we will be happy to help you find an expatriate health insurance, expatriate health insurance, expatriate repatriation insurance or expatriate medical insurance.

Why choose our expatriate insurance programs?


Benefit from the equivalent of third-party payment, even in outpatient medicine:

We cover medical expenses and hospitalizations, specialist consultations, medical examinations and medication up to 100% without the need to pay a deductible or resort to social security, from the 1st euro spent.

no time limit

No time limit:

No time limit. Our Globe Hopper program can also be renewed (just re-subscribe). Our consultants will help you select the program that best suits your needs.

24/7 coverage

24/7 Support:

Medical assistance and repatriation service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of a problem, you contact the assistance service, which will organize emergency repatriation or an early return to your country of residence.


Yupwego Service:

During your stay, we take care of you. All our employees are involved and follow our code of conduct and values.


Psychological care and alternative medicine:

Our health insurance covers psychological care and alternative medicine and offers you complete peace of mind.

dental and optical

Dental and optical coverage (depending on the program) :

Coverage for all your dental and optical expenses, so you can enjoy life without worry. (Dental only on Global Fusion)

Is this Yupwego contract for me?

Whether you are looking to expatriate or have already expatriated, whether you are looking for expatriate health insurance, repatriation insurance, expatriate travel insurance or health insurance:

YES and no access conditions


Medical expenses and hospitalization




Alternative medicine


Medical analysis


Assistance and repatriation


Dental and optical


This is
who speaks best of it:


`` Nous avons choisi Yupwego pour couvrir notre famille lors de notre expatriation au Canada. Yupwego est toujours la quand nous en avons besoin.


Elizabeth N.

Chef de projet digital

`` Avec mon mari nous avions besoin d'une couverture nous permettant de couvrir nos besoins après 70 ans. Merci à Pierre de Yupwego pour son aide


Jeanne T.

Retraitée expatriée

Je suis en tour du monde depuis 18 mois et tous mes frais de santé expatrié on bien été pris en charge par Yupwego. Merci à toute l'équipe !


Benoit C.

Globe trotter

Compare our expatriate health insurance plans:

Pay as you goGlobal Fusion
RatesFrom 37€ per month (max 1 year)From 246€ per month (mini 1 year)
Taking charge
Age limit69 years old69 years old
Medical QuestionnaireNoYes
Level of intervention1st €1st €
Health cost ceilingUp to 900 000€.Up to 3 350 000€.
Reimbursement of advance expenses✔️✔️
Daily allowance in case of hospitalization225€/day (max : 10 nights)200€/day (max : 60 nights)
Hospitalization Emergency/Accident100% of actual costs100% of actual costs
Hospitalization illness100% of actual costs100% of actual costs
Psychological hospitalization✔️
Consultations100% of actual costs100% of actual costs
Psychological consultations“6,700€ – 33,500€ (after 12 months)”
Alternative medicine
Physiotherapist / Osteopath / ChiropractorChiropractor3 000€ within the limit of 45 visits
Alternative medicineUp to 135€.
DrugsMax 225 000€.Max 200 000€.
Medical analysis
Analysis & Radiology100% of actual costs100% of actual costs
Scanner / MRI100% of actual costs100% of actual costs
Health check-upUp to 170€.
MaternityOptional: Lifetime limit of €33,500
Dental and optical
DentalEmergency dental care: Actual costsIncluded in case of accident – Up to 70€ in case of sudden pain
OpticsEmergency optical care: limited to 135€ with a 45€ deductibleOptical care up to 100€ for equipment and 70€ for exams

Contact us to apply for your expatriate health insurance quickly:


The dedicated expatriate line :

(+33) 04 28 29 38 09

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