Travel insurance guide

What is the purpose of travel insurance?


How are you insured abroad in case of a problem? Do you need travel insurance? Find out what travel insurance is for.

It's important to think of everything when you go on a trip! If you're thinking about your health, you might be wondering how you're insured abroad in case something goes wrong.

A present risk, no matter where

Abroad, the risk of traffic accidents, infection, or illness contracted locally is no less than in France. And we will not even discuss the fact of the COVID-19 contagion, which is now shaking things up. This risk may even be higher in some countries than in France, when we know that Thailand is the 2nd country with the highest rate of road deaths. It is not because you are on vacation that you should totally relax your vigilance. And without taking risks or practicing extreme sports, slipping in the bathtub and breaking something happens so quickly.

The travel insurance of your credit card

Some bank cards offer travel insurance guarantees. However, the level of coverage depends on their nature. If you leave for more than three months, the insurance on your bank card will not be enough for you because the guarantees on your bank card are only valid for 90 days. You will therefore need to take out travel insurance from the first day, for a long stay. The second point not to be neglected is the difference in the height of the ceilings. The ceiling to date is 11 000 € for a basic credit card, which can sometimes be insufficient depending on the destination when you know that a broken leg in the United States costs about 40 000 €. For Premium cards, the ceiling is €155,000. When you know that a day in intensive care in the United States costs around €43,000, you can quickly add up the cost !

Social security abroad

We are fortunate to have good social security coverage in France. However, it is important to note that social security outside the European Union does not work. As for destinations that are members of the European Union, it is through the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that your care will be partially covered depending on the country you are in. In these 2 cases, you will have to subscribe to a travel insurance to be covered at 100%.

Repatriation assistance

Travel is supposed to be synonymous with joy, relaxation and discovery. Unfortunately, a serious accident happened quickly. If the local health personnel decide to do so, you can be repatriated or transferred to another country, sometimes even further away from your country of residence. A travel insurance will therefore be essential to cover the costs of repatriation or travel to another country.

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We only live once. Make it count.

The ultimate goal of travel insurance is to leave serenely and protected in all circumstances throughout the world! With the right travel insurance with the right guarantees, you are sure to leave with optimal coverage in case of a glitch and to be able to take full advantage of the discovery of a new country. So when are you leaving?