How do I insure for a round-the-world trip?

05 Jan 2020
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Start your quotation now and obtain your medical insurance certificate, which insures medical expenses according to the country’s needs.

What exactly is travel insurance ?

Travel insurance covers risks that may arise when traveling abroad. Depending on the plan, this insurance covers medical expenses in the event of illness, hospitalization, prescription drugs, etc. Effective travel insurance also includes repatriation assistance and third-party liability abroad.

Around the world travel insurance and European insurance

It’s important to distinguish between European and non-European insurance. In France, the social security system makes it possible to receive treatment without incurring major outlay in the event of an accident. The European Health Insurance Card, which is free of charge, also provides protection throughout Europe (and the Schengen area). As with Social Security, it covers 70% of your expenses, so you need to top up the other 30%. So, whatever your destination, it’s a good idea to take out specialist insurance.

Bank card insurance? In the long term, it’s not the solution. The latter can cover limited expenses (low ceiling), but only when the stay does not exceed three months!

Are you sufficiently insured?

Finally, it’s important to know that round-the-world travel insurance is compulsory for longer trips. For those who have experienced it, the cost of hospitalization abroad can be very expensive.

And then, for many of you, you’ll be returning your apartment to save on rent and convert it into your accommodation budget for your round-the-world trip.

Did you know that when you surrender your keys, you also surrender your civil liability? So it’s imperative to be covered for damage to others, including unintentional injuries which can run into the hundreds of thousands of euros.

How to choose round-the-world insurance?

In the digital age, it’s natural to start by prospecting on the Internet. If you type “long-term travel insurance” or “round-the-world insurance” into a search engine, you’ll come across various travel insurance websites. Then, to get an overall view of the guarantees that interest you most, find out more about :

  • medical expense ceilings (sufficient or insufficient for the country or countries visited?)
  • Do I need to make an advance? (Ex: A broken foot in San Francisco costs $50,000).
  • assistance and repatriation guarantee
  • on liability insurance abroad (ceilings?)

What cover is there for trip interruption and/or early return and/or dangerous situations?

Why choose Yupwego travel insurance?

With YUPWEGO, collaborative and ethical travel insurance, there’s no need to worry. No more nasty surprises and complex, incomprehensible contracts. The contract adapts to the traveler, not the other way around.

Thanks to the YUPWEGO community, travelers can share their experiences, ask questions and talk with locals. And thanks to YUPWEGO travel insurance, your experience abroad is made much easier, thanks in part to the solidarity, mutual aid and benevolence of its community.

Truly fair and flexible new travel insurance

The price of YUPWEGO travel insurance, starting at one euro per day per person, is calculated according to the zones crossed and the cover required for each country (193 in all).

We have studied the situations in all countries, as they do not all have the same sanitary and legal conditions. This inevitably has an impact on the insurance policies that globetrotters take out, and therefore on the costs they have to pay in the event of a problem.

YUPWEGO has therefore negotiated each contract to offer globetrotters the guarantees corresponding to the different national legislations.

From one euro per day per person, up to 1 million euros of medical expenses covered without advance payment.

With YUPWEGO, travellers can :

  • Start insurance in 2 minutes,
  • Pause (when returning),

  • Restart
    (when restarting).

The service adapts automatically and the insurance is updated “in real time”.

For your information, Yupwego travel insurance includes :

  • repatriation assistance
  • medical expenses
  • loss, theft or damage to luggage
  • civil liability

YUPWEGO currently insures all residents of Europe, the Schengen area and Switzerland for all their travels around the world (except for excluded countries).

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