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YUPWEGO, the insurance that covers you effectively in case of COVID-19


YUPWEGO, the flexible insurance that effectively covers you in case of COVID-19

YUPWEGO covers medical costs related to COVID-19 :

  • Your medical expenses (consultation, treatment) and hospitalisation costs resulting from the infection. The ceiling for medical expenses is that of the area of the country in which you are located (for example €1 million in Australia).
  • Your health/medical repatriation to your home, following your hospitalisation in case of COVID-19
  • The sanitary/medical repatriation of the members of the household, according to the usual rules and within the limits of the General Conditions

YUPWEGO can provide you with a certificate of travel insurance (mention COVID-19).

YUPWEGO covers all countries in the world (even countries strongly discouraged by the Authorities of your country of residence) EXCEPT excluded countries (see below).

How to obtain this travel insurance certificate ?

After confirming your Subscription, you access your user space. Then in "Subscription to come" click on "Request a certificate".

You will indicate precisely :

- The date of arrival (this is the date on which you leave your country of residence (the day you cross a land, sea or air border).

- The exit date is the date on which you leave this country and cross a land, sea or air border, either to "Change Country" or to return to your country of residence.

The certificate will be in English : included in all customs and airport check-points.

In the case of multi-destinations requiring several certificates: do not take out several contracts, but ask for several certificates. Don't forget to "change country" when you arrive in the next one!


The total number of insurance days in this certificate will be deducted at once and in advanceThe certificate is in English and understood everywhere. You can find out this amount via our rate simulator.

If you subscribe for a same-day departure, the weekly contribution deducted immediately will be refunded.

We cannot provide a certificate of payment (or a refundable advance) of accommodation extension costs in case of quarantine (Costa Rica ...). Only the assistance and medical care part.

In which country am I not covered in case of COVID-19 ?

These are only countries that are in the specific exclusions, i.e. countries in war zones and countries under embargo:

  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • North Korea
  • Crimea region (but covered for the rest of Ukraine)
  • Cuba
  • Iran

YUPWEGO covers all countries in the world (even countries strongly advised against by the Authorities of your country of residence).

I am already abroad, can I take out insurance with YUPWEGO? And will I be covered in case of COVID-19 ?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, subscriptions to YUPWEGO travel insurance for beneficiaries already abroad are subject to a minimum premium of €200 and increased to €300 if you are already in the USA or Canada.

The subscription is therefore only interesting if you are travelling for a long time. Otherwise you will not be reimbursed for the part of the insurance you have overpaid. 

You can evaluate the insurance premium for the integrity of your trip via our fare simulator.

If you make a false declaration to avoid the minimum premium, you will not be compensated in the event of a claim.

The element to be taken into account is that we apply a 7-day waiting period for medical expenses (for illness only). This means that for 7 days, from your policy start date, you will not be covered for your medical expenses. On the other hand, all other cover is acquired immediately (accident, luggage theft, repatriation, civil liability). Please note that most insurers apply a waiting period of 10 to 15 days. 

COVID-19, what is not covered in our travel insurance?

BEFORE you leave for this destination, check your destinations in real time.

What is excluded by the insurance :

  • Routine examinations and tests or check-ups, preventive tests or treatments, check-ups and tests not resulting from an accident or a guaranteed illness.
  • The early return of the insured person on his/her own initiative will not be investigated by our services. 
  • Preventive provision of a medical certificate on entering or leaving a territory that requires it is not covered.
  • Preventive PCR or similar or serological tests on entering or leaving a territory
  • We cannot guarantee the cost of extended accommodation in case of quarantine (Costa Rica ...).

My Embassy, in the country I am visiting, is advocating my return to my country of residence because of COVID-19. Can I be repatriated ?

States advise their nationals to contact airlines to avoid quarantine/confinement. But the Assistance/Repatriation of travel insurance has never had this vocation.

This is what our insurance risk carrier reminds us: 

Repatriation is only considered for medical reasons following an accident or illness covered by the policy or in the event of early return as provided for in the policy.

  • In the context of a "recommendation" or "advice" for return by your Embassy, this situation, which is assimilated to a voluntary return, is not covered by insurance/assistance: it is up to the State to repatriate its nationals abroad. 
  • All declarations of repatriation assistance or early return are scrupulously analysed to avoid false declarations which will be the subject of legal proceedings.

In the general terms and conditions of our contract you will find all the situations in which repatriation will be taken care of.

If you are in a guaranteed situation specified in our general terms and conditions: we encourage you to contact the assistance number given in the email that followed your registration and appearing on your personal assistance card with your contract number.

This assistance is accessible worldwide, multilingual and 24 hours a day.

Does travel insurance always cover COVID-19 ?

Our partners, the insurance risk carrier AIG, as well as AVA, have not updated the insurance policies that would exclude the consequences of COVID-19 (note from AVA dated 3 March 2020, still valid).

If you are insured by a colleague or by a Carte Bancaire assistance, check the information with your provider. Indeed, several insurances do not cover you in case of contagion to the COVID-19. 

A majority of insurers have already made this update with 2 consequences:

- If the insured person accepts the new general conditions = Exclusion of coverage of medical expenses related to COVID-19. Only repatriation is still covered (in case of recovery or death...).

- If the insured does not accept the new general conditions within 30 days. He is still covered for the consequences of the COVID-19 until the last day midnight at the end of the 30 days. 

At the end of the 30th day, his contract is cancelled. He is no longer insured at all.

Some insurers simply indicate that since 20 May 2020, the World Health Organisation has decreed COVID-19 as a pandemic. As this fact is now known, it is no longer an insurable hazard.

If you were not insured, or no longer insured because the return date has expired, or if you were not sufficiently insured, do not hesitate to subscribe directly to YUPWEGO.